P:REC 012

Thomas Durcudoy, Ghislaine Hillard
p:rec 012 / cdr / 2000 / 12 tracks

Thomas Durcudoy, Ghislaine Hillard : turntable, objects, percussion, tapes


3 replies to “P:REC 012

  1. OCTOPUS #13
    hiver 2001 / par Philippe Robert

    Toujours soignées, les productions au minimalisme élégant de Pricilia raviront l’amateur curieux d’aventures singuliêres où le son est envisagé comme un matériau à sculpter de façon plus ou moins improvisée. Trois productions sont à ajoutera leur catalogue. Sur “La Traversée à l’échelle”, le duo THOMAS DURCUDOY / GHISLAINE HILLARD travaille à partir de platines, de bandes et d’objets divers, composant avec des bouts de ficelles un parcours qui emprunte beaucoup à nos émois musicaux sans pour autant cultiver la nostalgie, soit une voie qui, en matière de recyclage, évite de reproduire des formules qui forceraient la comparaison avec Erik M ou Otomo Yoshihide.

    février 2001 / par Ed Pinset

    Three very fine CDs from new French label Pricilia Records, which I recommend you investigate sharpish. La Traversée à l’Echelle stuttering, chattering affair built out of tape loops and skipping records, with a few added layers from percussion and found objects. It steadfastly refuses any of the playful nonsense I tend to associate with some improvisers who whip out the close-miked toys (like squeaking rubber duckies) and hope to debunk any notions of seriousness thereby. Wacky improv gets right on my tits – almost as much as arty improv. These guys manage to tread the narrow path and at times, their formless jouets catch fire and suggest the sort of nagging, muttering brilliance that you normally only get from talking to ranting strangers in the street. Some of whom may be undiscovered geniuses, for all we know. In addition, they score on the tape loop front by avoiding the pitfalls of Stock Hausen and Walkman – not a cheesy sample in sight. I think some live electronics would do wonders for this combo, but this is still a good CD. Eight out of ten.

  3. ABSURD #08
    juillet 2003 / par Nicolas Malevitsis

    thomas durcudoy/ghislaine hillard’s “la traversee a l’echelle” is another cool recording where turntables/objects/percussion/radio are melted in 12 tracks full of experimentation and ambiances that at times reminded me of a more nww-ish sound and made it a really fascinating experience.

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